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England - Our First Days in the UK

Our first days in England have already been a great experience.

We met on Wednesday very early in the morning - everybody arrived in time - left at half past five and arrived three hours later at Munich airport. There we checked in and some of us waited excitedly for the first flight in their lives.


Flight Munich - Heathrow

Our Flight from Munich to London Heathrow 

Visiting Windsor and Windsor Castle

We left Munich at half past 11 am and arrived about two hours later at Heathrow Airport.

There we were welcomed by a local company and a coach took us to Windsor - just a twenty minute ride from Heathrow.

The weather was really perfect, so we could enjoy a beautiful afternoon in Windsor.

The tour of the castle was also very interesting.


Eastbourne - Beachy Head

Eastbourne - Beachy Head

At about quarter past seven we arrived finally at Eastbourne, where the host families were already waiting.

They took all the kids home and so the teachers met them the following morning at the SFA-language learning school.

After four hours of school there was time for lunch and recreation at the beach, and then, as the weather was so nice again, Mr Heidegger decided to walk to Beachy Head, the famous cliffs near Eastbourne.

It was a really nice walk up there and the view on Eastbourne the hills and the sea was fantastic. At about five pm we were bach in the centre of Eastbourne, some students walked home to their host families, others took the bus. Some of the kids needed quite some time to find their ways home, but it was a great lesson anyway.

Today the weather is not so good - it's been raining, but at the moment the kids are in school, later we'll go to Hastings.

As there is no internet access in the teacher's hotel, next information can only come on Monday - after the weeked. So by then we'll have been to London for the first time.



HASTINGS - Smuggler's Adventure

After school we went to the railway station and took our train to Hastings. We arrived there at quarter to two.

It was still raining, when we arrived. We went through the old town of Hastings up to West Hill, looked down on the Stade - the beach with the Fishermen's netshops and the fishing boats.

Then we went on to the Smuggler's caves. It was very interesting and so we spent more than one hour in there. We learned a lot about history and smuggling.

A short walk through the beautiful streets of the old town took us first down to the Fishermen's museum. There we saw lots of things used for fishing. Then we went back to the centre of Hastings.

Time passed quickly and at about 6 pm we had to go back.

Saturday - London

London - What a city!

What a surprise: Everybody had arrived in time to catch the train to London Victoria at 8:31.

We arrived there at 9:57 and walked to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of Guards. - We were not alone there! - But some of us found a place to take some nice photos - others were not so lucky. But at least the weather was nice again. At about 12:15 we went on through Green Park, where we had time to eat from our lunch packets.

Then one of the highlights of the trip should follow: Madame Tussaud's wax cabinet.

We had to take the underground - for the first time - but it was interesting to find out how everything worked - even Patrik could finally manage to get through the barriers.

Nobody can tell how many photos the kids have taken with all the stars shown in Madame Tussaud's - and everybody could find someone very special.

After about two hours we had still enough time for some sightseeing, so we took the underground again - together with a group of Chelsea fans - to go to Piccadilly Circus. There we did not see any animals - but we found out that it was a very busy place.

Then we walked to Trafalgar Square. On that afternoon there was a rock concert - MOKE from the Netherlands - and we had some time to listen and enjoy the atmosphere in the sun. Then a nice walk through St. James' Park followed and we arrived at Victoria Station - tired but full of impressions.

Back in Eastbourne at quarter to eight everybody had to go the host family as quickly as possible to get some dinner.


Sunday - Sovereign Centre

Sunday - Swimming in Sovereign Centre

Sunday morning was time to relax, we met at one to walk to Sovereign Leisure Centre, a nice indoor swimming pool.

All of us enjoyed our time there. We stayed until five and then walked back home to our host families.


Brighton - Monday

Brighton -

Shopping - Pier - Sightseeing

In the morning four of our students were late. They had gone the wrong way to school!

After school we went by train to Brighton. We arrived there at 13:44. As the weather was nice again, we decided to go to the Pier first. There was more than an hour time to enjoy the attractions of the Pier.

Then we went through the Lanes. Our Engish teachers had already told us facts about Brighton, and so we already knew a bit about Brighton. We passed the Clocktower again and went to a big shopping centre.

The students had one and a half hours time to go shopping, Max was so hungry that he went into a MacDonald's and came out as a BurgerKing - with four burgers in his stomach!

The way back on the train passed quickly. In Eastbourne some of the kids had to wait for nearly an hour until the buses took them home to their host families.


Tuesday - Our last day in Eastbourne

Tuesday - Our last day in Eastbourne

What a wonderful morning. While the students were still asleep, the teacher had a nice run up to Beachy head. Now, as the kids are in school, I have time to show a few morning impressions. The weather is beautiful, this afternoon will be time to enjoy Eastbourne, a treasure hunt will test their knowledge, and then there should be some time for the beach or shopping.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we will meet at 9 in the morning. A coach will bring us to London. We'll stay there until Friday. As there won't be time and possibility for updating this page, there will be more information as soon as we have come back on Friday evening.


Wednesday - Transfer to London

Goodbye Eastbourne - Hello London

Early in the morning we met at Junction Road. The host families brought the kids there.

The ride on the coach to London took us three hours. It was not easy to find the hotel in Bayswater Road.

The weather was fantastic, ideal for some sightseeing, so we soon left the hotel and went first to St. Paul's Cathedral by tube. After having taken some photos we walked through the City, passed the Bank of England and the Monument, from there we went by the underground to Towerhill.

Some more photos and then we took the DLR - Dockland Light Railway to Greenwich. We could see the most modern area of the Docklands with its skyscrapers like Canary Wharf Tower.

As most students were very hungry, we had a lunch break at a McDonald's.

Then we walked up the hill to the Royal Observatory. On the line that shows the zero meridian we took some more photos - just a little step from the eastern to the western hemisphere.

Mr Heidegger had already bought the ticket for our return tickets to Westminster, this time we took the boat up the river Thames. This was a very relaxing and impressing time and took lots of photos from all the sights by the river.

We got off the boat in front of the Houses of Parliament at Westminster Pier. From there we took the tube again. After a short visit to Speaker's Corner and Marble Arch there it was time to find something to eat in Oxford Street. Some of us preferred McDonald's again, others went to a PizzaHut.

It was already rather late when we came back to our hotel.


Thursday - Sightseeing in London

Thursday - Sightseeing in London

Some of us got up earlier than the rest: Since our hotel was just opposite Hyde Park, three girls and their teachers left at half past six to go jogging there. It was a really nice and relaxing start for this day.

After breakfast we left our hotel. We took the underground to Westminster, crossed Westminster Bridge and soon we started our flight with the London Eye. We were so lucky, because the weather was nice again.

Then we visited the London Aquarium, which was also very interesting.

At Covent Garden we had time to have lunch and then to watch some artists. Others went shopping.

Then it was time for the London Dungeon. We passed the Tower and the City Hall - some girls got really nervous, but then it was not so bad at all.

On our way to the hotel Judith felt very sick, and the tube was very crowded. It was already late, when we got our supper.


Friday - Home Again

Friday - Home Again!

There was little time for breakfast - our coach should pick us at quarter to eight and take us to Heathrow. There we had to wait for our plane. After a wonderful flight we arrived safely in Munich - to find out that our coach should come the other day.

So we had to wait for more than an hour till everything was settled and we could finally start our last part of our trip home.

We arrived at Prutz soon after seven, some of the kids' friends were still waiting for them.

A long trip had become a great experience, a time that no-one will ever forget.